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Do I really need to clean my trash bins? Clean

Absolutely. Contaminated bins are a community-wide health hazard. Our trash containers are crawling with germs that can cause diseases like E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. When we fail to clean our bins, we’re putting everyone at risk.

With the threat of COVID-19, we can’t ignore the importance of maintaining a clean and sanitized home.

Remember: if you wash your hands, you wash your cans!

Why can’t I clean them myself?

Manually cleaning your trash bins is inefficient, labor-intensive, and exposes you to harmful chemicals. Without the aid of a professional high pressure cleaning system, dangerous bacteria will linger on your bins. Plus, you’ll use up to 20-30 times more water!

The Eco Clean Difference

Our trucks have the technology to get the job done right. When you sign up for our curbside services, we promise to:

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    Eliminate 99.9% Of The Bacteria In Your Bins

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    Remove Offensive Odors

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    Use 25x Less Water

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    Clean With 100% Green Certified Cleaning Products

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    Prevent Pollutants From Reaching Our Water Sources

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First Responder and Locally Owned

Serving our community has always been a priority. It’s why we got into this business—to protect the health and wellbeing of our families, friends, and neighbors.

At NEC, we’re proud to offer a service that’s convenient and affordable. Explore our range of cleaning options and experience the difference yourself.